Creative Therapy

We thought our readers would be interested to see that ZANE is not just about making sure that the pensioners have enough to eat but also to help them to feel worthwhile members of the community – the creative therapy sessions which are run with volunteers at most of the care homes are an invaluable part of this strategy.

Judy Writes

Following on from the other homes , Queen Mary Home and Coronation Cottages celebrated their last Creative Therapy session for 2023 with a Christmas Party. The volunteers pulled out all the stops to treat the residents with special eats and drinks and Christmas Carols and even Line dancers and ballerinas!

Sal Anderson during the Queen Mary festivities, turned 94 this year, and she was once the chairperson for the home. What a remarkable lady. She has set up and runs a library in the home, and she still takes a keen interest in the running of the home. She told me that the Wednesday morning creative therapy sessions are the highlight of her week.

I am using BHN and L&A December funds to organise for our wonderful volunteers a Christmas lunch in appreciation of all their selfless giving.

2023 has not been an easy year but somehow there is always a silver lining in Bulawayo.

Warm wishes and love from us all

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