Desperate Situation For Zimbabwe Pensioners Part 3

Sylvia phoned Sandy at 4.45 a.m. on Sunday morning, saying she urgently needed money to see her doctor for her painful leg. We delivered to her at speed on Monday morning, even though we knew we’d be seeing her on Wednesday. When I visited her on Wednesday, she was well and happy and had not been to the doctor at all. It is now certain that we need to reassess Sylvia soon because it is obvious she is not using our assistance in the way it was initially intended.

Peter is always gentle, quietly spoken and very grateful for the help he receives. When possible, he repairs speed bikes for a small fee but for the past month has had no work. He is surviving as usual but I can see it’s hard on him. He leads a solitary lonely existence but never talks about this and is always gently concerned about other people.

Stuart continuously struggles with congested lungs and other health problems. I talked with him at length, trying to get him to talk seriously with me, instead of always playing-down his health issues. This time it worked and he told me he was born with lung and heart problems and has had to deal with these all his life, including when training in the army. At Christmas, he and Lynne will be arranging a meal for many of the struggling people living near to them, including Farai and his son, who help him to collect the delivery from us each time.

Denise is so happy with the help she receives from us and never stops thanking me. In addition to the normal deliveries, we have now organised (via the Libor medical fund) for Denise to have good multifocal glasses so that she is safe when she walks on the busy roads to do her weekly shopping. This has been very exciting for her.

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