Having grown up in Zimbabwe and after many years of involvement with ZANE I can state categorically that it is an excellent organisation. The team on the ground in Zimbabwe know each individual they help and treat the old, sick and afflicted with kindness and compassion. I have no hesitation in recommending that you support this worthy cause.
Henry Olonga
Former Zimbabwe International Cricketer
As a Zimbabwean who has represented my country on many occasions, I am saddened by the state of my beautiful homeland. If it wasn’t for ZANE, the situation would be worse for many thousands of desperate people blighted by hunger, lack of access to education, and ill health. ZANE provides a lifeline to these people and its efficiency and effectiveness is commendable.
Nick Price
Zimbabwean Professional Golfer
ZANE does invaluable, literally lifesaving work in Zimbabwe in providing essential support for those who can no longer help themselves – especially amongst our senior citizens. As ZANE extends its fundraising activities to Australia, I am pleased to endorse the importance of their work and guarantee that the money raised goes where it is needed most. I encourage fellow Australians to support them generously.
Matthew E K Neuhaus
Ex Australian Ambassador, Australian Embassy, Zimbabwe
While Zimbabwe drops in and out of the world’s news, what doesn’t change is that every day the country’s neediest people face a battle for survival. ZANE provides real assistance to those who need it most.  I have hope for this beautiful country and its people, but until true economic and political change becomes a reality ZANE’s life-saving work must go on.  I am proud to be associated with them.
Tony Park
I met with a group of Zimbabweans engaged in the work for ZANE and was impressed with their dedication and professionalism. For all of you who care about Zimbabwe I can thoroughly recommend this charity.
David Campese
International Rugby Player
ZANE is one of the most impressive charities I have seen. The charity provides practical support to the most vulnerable people and does so in a way that caters for their mental and physical needs. ZANE has a dedicated team which focuses on building relationships. ZANE staff ensure that every penny raised is used to deliver results.
HE Catriona Laing CB
UK Ambassador, British Embassy, Zimbabwe
I have seen a little bit of ZANE’s work on the ground and from what I have seen it is very, very impressive . . . ZANE is one of those lovely organisations that make a little bit of money go a long, long way. ZANE is a good cause and the money is properly and well spent.
John Simpson CBE
World Editor of the BBC
ZANE is really in touch with the people it assists . . .
ZANE’s work is wonderfully moving . .
John Humphrys
 Author, journalist, radio & TV presenter
The people of Zimbabwe have so very little to be thankful for, but the great work done by ZANE is bringing relief and improved health to many who had no hope for a better tomorrow. Organizations such as ZANEare critical in providing assistance to those in need.
James D. McGee
 USA Ambassador to Zimbabwe (Ret)
ZANE’s work in Zimbabwe quite simply provides a lifeline to those who are least able to help themselves. Their committed, inspirational team works hard to ensure that every penny raised goes to where it is needed most.
Deborah Bronnert CMG
 Chief Operating Officer of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Former UK Ambassador to Zimbabwe, 2011-2014
ZANE’s work in Zimbabwe provides an essential lifeline of support for those who cannot help themselves. It is a wonderful charity and the money goes where it’s needed.
Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
 Chairman, ZANE Council of Reference
ZANE is an extraordinary charity set up by inspiration . . . I have been enormously impressed by the vision, the hard work, and the unquenchable spirit of everyone I have met.
The Rt Revd John Pritchard
 Bishop of Oxford
There are many people in Zimbabwe who today remain in desperate need of help, through no fault of their own. ZANE is a dedicated charity devoted to providing a lifeline to these people. The ZANE team is hard-working and focused, bringing impressive results for the poorest and least advantaged, and is most worthy of our support.
Jonathan Sheppard
 Former Australian Ambassador to Zimbabwe