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Make a Monthly Donation to a Zimbabwean Charity

We are betting that you probably have a cup of coffee and a cake fairly regularly – why not consider donating to ZANE the proceeds of just one of those outings on a monthly basis.

Donations made to ZANE in Australia are tax-deductible

$10 per month would not be missed, but if every person reading this would do it, we could add several thousand dollars a month to our income – let’s do this fellow ZANERs!

Payment Reference: your name (E.g. John Citizen / John C. / J Citizen)

You Can Make a Difference

The cost of care…

Only A$15 covers the cost of fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs for one pensioner in a residential home for a whole month.

  • A$30 pays for a weekly food parcel for an impoverished pensioner.
  • A$65 covers the life-saving diabetic medicine for one destitute pensioner.
  • A$412 will cure a child of clubfoot.
  • A$50 provides the training and seeds pack to enable one family to feed themselves for an entire year.
  • A$90 covers the monthly life-saving drugs for a pensioner with high blood pressure and heart disease
  • A$500 supports a Zimbabwe pensioner at home for one month
  • A$3,000 supports a Zimbabwe pensioner at home for six months
  • A$6,000 supports a Zimbabwe pensioner at home for one year

Other Ways to Donate?

Our account details are below, or please contact us and we will provide you with the details for donation.

Many thanks in advance for your care and support!

ZANE Australia
BSB: 032023
Account: 305217
Payment Reference
: your name (E.g. John Citizen / John C. / J Citizen)

Please review our legal information for details on our privacy policy and security. Please note that we do not provide refunds for donations.

Other Ways You Can Help

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  • Walk, run, ride, or swim for ZANE in your favorite events.
  • Organise an event – anything from a small get together with friends to a fun day on the beach to a full-on golf day or gala ball!
  • Any contribution you can make, however small, will be gratefully received and used to the utmost good.