ZANE - Zimbabwe A National Emergency

As promised in the April newsletter, we have set up a special part of our website so that ZANE friends and donors can see first hand some of the work being done in Zimbabwe.

The video and audio clips of the actual ZANE workers (which will be displayed over the coming weeks) have been made in such a way so as not to reveal their identities, but others, like the one below from Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Melanie Robinson, have been shown in full.

Please note that although ZANE was started in the UK, it is now a worldwide organisation with fundraising arms in both the US and Australia, indeed, ZANE Australia, through the wonderful commitment of local donors, is making a significant monthly contribution to the vital, life-saving work in Zimbabwe.

Nicky Passaportis
CEO ZANE Australia

ZANE Australia UK Ambassador Summer 2020