Message from Tom Benyon

This is a message from Tom Benyon – the founder of ZANE – who has been raising money for the desperate victims of Zimbabwe’s decline for 20 years.

The Zimbabwe authorities have learned one crucial lesson. World media are only interested if people are being killed with bullets or machetes. Slow starvation and the absence of medicines do not create headlines. So while there are more sensational stories to parade to the public, the tragedy of the slow dying in today’s Zimbabwe is being ignored.

Desperate people are turning to ZANE for help in increasing numbers for there is nowhere else to go. Zimbabwe has neither social services nor national health provision so if you are poor, and ill, and friendless, you will likely die in squalor. And because over the past fifteen years inflation has gutted the value of savings and pensions the elderly endure total destitution. ZANE provides their only lifeline.

Just imagine this: inflation in local currency is running at 450% pa; power cuts last for 20 hours out of the 24, the cost of food soars daily. Life’s a never-ending struggle just to stay alive.

ZANE’s teams in Zimbabwe tell us that the part of their work they dread is having to say, “sorry, but no”, because of limited resources.

Thank you again for your generosity. Thousands are relying on ZANE’s help and without you we can do nothing. Thank you for enabling ZANE to save lives.
Yours sincerely

Tom Benyon

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If you are already a ZANE donor, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you are not a donor but would like to be, please follow the link below and know that every donation, however big or small, goes directly to where it is most needed. If you would like to help but can’t donate, please join the ZANE family and ‘like’ or ‘share’ our posts or write us a Google review – every positive step helps spread the word about the life changing work ZANE does.

Thank you – Nicky Passaportis ZANE Australia

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Any assistance is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to giving our pensioners a better quality of life and lift the pressure of money worries which is very debilitating emotionally.

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