Old Legs Tour Rides Beneficiaries

I know many of you have donated to ZANE via the Old Legs Tour rides and I thought you would like to see this report out of Zim to show how well the two charities work together:

I received an urgent call on Saturday morning from Felicity, the administrator of one of the care homes, about John M.

A doctor in Mabelreign had seen him after he’d complained about severe pain and discomfort and had diagnosed that John had a strangulated inguinal hernia. He said this was severe and that John needed surgery as soon as possible.

Thus it was arranged that he be hospitalized and booked for surgery the next day, Sunday, 26 September. His surgeon was Dr. W and the anaesthetist was Dr. N. There were no complications and John was discharged back to his care home 3 days later. He is doing well and has returned to Dr. W several times since then for check ups and to have his stitches removed.

Funds to pay the doctors have been provided by the ZANE medical fund. I have applied to the Old Legs medical fund to cover the hospital fees and have been assured by them that they will meet these expenses – another example of the way the two organisations work together to bring much needed relief to our most vulnerable beneficiaries.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to giving our pensioners a better quality of life and lift the pressure of money worries which is very debilitating emotionally.

(Donations made to ZANE in Australia, are tax-deductible)

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