More Monthly Support

I have had many requests from people already on our books. They want us to double or at least increase our current monthly assistance, saying they can no longer cover their medical aid subscriptions and other monthly bills as well as buy basic foods. These are legitimate requests because we can see the alarming regular price increases.

Nel W* would like more money because her medical aid subs now consume more than two-thirds of the assistance we give her, leaving little to help with any other costs. S and I have been delivering vegetables to her but she is still struggling.

Requests for help with medical procedures have also increased alarmingly.

Lydia B* is asking for more help to cover massive costs she incurred with her very complicated hip replacement earlier this year.

Renee L* (73) who is new to us, has needed help to pay for surgery on her inguinal hernia. Renee has worked very hard all her life, having earned an income doing Care work in the UK. This sustained her satisfactorily, however, it had to come to an end when Covid appeared, so she has been very short of money most of this year. We helped with her hospital bill (from the special Australian fund) at Milton Park Hospital this Monday and she has had the surgery. She now awaits further bills for medications, physiotherapy, etc. and will be keeping receipts to see if ZANE can offer any further help.

Mrs. H* (96) is needing help to pay for very expensive hearing aids. Having worked hard all her life to remain independent, she continued in her work as a legal conveyancer until she was 90 but is now finding it very difficult to cover many costs. We are looking to other medical and ex-service charities to help her with this.

Di C* (90), is now needing extra funds to pay for increased fees at the care home where she lives. She is extremely frail and I can see her medical costs rising now. I’m working with her helper, to sort out her finances.

S and I did our weekly vegetable deliveries to people living in their own homes. Yet again, we noticed how these deliveries make a huge difference in the recipients’ lives.

Sean F* has recently come onto our books – he is very ill and thin from emphysema and barely able to talk to us. I hope the groceries will give him some strength. We spent a long time with him trying to lift his spirits.

*Names may have changed for privacy reasons

New Pensioners To Support

We also did a very lengthy assessment interview with a newly referred couple, G and A, both in their late 60’s.

G owned and ran his own business which was linked to the farming trade and therefore collapsed during the farm invasions. He continued to work until 3 years ago in security but had to stop as he had a stroke and resultant epilepsy.

A is an experienced trained school teacher but also had to stop a number of years ago due to crippling arthritis. She walks with 2 crutches and does this with great difficulty.

They are both painfully thin, largely because they continuously reduce food intake as prices rise. G is taking many drugs to control his illnesses and is obviously depressed. We definitely hope to be able to help them.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to giving our pensioners a better quality of life.