Snapshot of ZANE Beneficiaries

Here is the latest report from Zimbabwe – a snapshot of the lives of some of the beneficiaries of the wonderful generosity of ZANE’s donors.

If you are one of them, we thank you, if you would like to contribute to this life saving work, please follow the link below.

Many thanks – Nicky Passaportis


We have been working for some time with Joan, who was losing a great deal of weight.

We finally settled on adding E-pap to her diet and in the last few months her weight has stabilised and when I visited her recently she was looking the best I had seen in ages.

We are so lucky to be able to offer this amazing dietary supplement which works so well with all age groups – thank you to the special donors who sponsor this wonder-food!


Later in the week, we collected Brian R for his visit to the urologist. Unfortunately, as suspected, Brian’s diagnosis was not good.

He has stage 4 prostate cancer which has spread to the bone in both hips and a shoulder. The doctor has suggested an orchidectomy be done to slow his testosterone down (which drives the cancer) and palliative care.

The procedure was done successfully. Brian must now face the fact that he is terminally ill and we have advised him to get his affairs in order. We will continue to visit and support him as much as we can.


Patrick E, who has lived at in a small flat at a care complex for many years, has become totally incapacitated and his living conditions are deplorable.

I arranged for a nurse to visit and do a covid test for Patrick so we could move him to one of the nursing homes. She was horrified to find him in such a bad way, which I informed her was the very reason why we were moving him to a frail care facility, pending a possible hip operation.

Once the Covid test came through negative, I arranged for an ambulance to move him across town. At present ZANE is paying for and organising delivery of Patrick’s monthly medications – this will continue and we will cover his monthly fees.


Sylvia R came to the office to complete her renewal form with me. She was looking frail and out of breath.

She said she was on her way to have an Xray on her chest as she fears her hernia repair from a few years ago, may have broken down, causing her to be out of breath.

Sylvia is a very pleasant and proud lady, who worries terribly about her finances. Only one of her three daughters is able to assist in covering her shortfalls, though struggling herself, and we help her with a small monthly grant.

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Thank you – Nicky Passaportis ZANE Australia

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