Plight of the elderly

With the situation in Zimbabwe deteriorating daily, the old folk find themselves yet again in a desperate struggle for survival. If you are already a donor to ZANE, we thank you. If you are reading of the plight of the elderly for the first time we beg you to consider donating to this very worthwhile cause – every donation, however small or large, is directed to where is it is most needed.


Leanna lives in two rooms with her grandchildren, for which she pays $140 per month. With all the rain Harare has been receiving, the roof began to leak, soaking her blankets and making it very difficult to dry them out. She eventually placed two buckets to collect the dripping water.

Her landlord refuses to do any repairs, so Leanna is looking for other accommodation, however, it is no easy task to find something within her budget. Leanna receives $100 every month from ZANE, which, at our next team meeting, I am hoping to increase so that she can find other accommodation.

Connie B

Connie B. was extremely frustrated when I dropped off her food parcel this month. Her life is a daily struggle, but she makes home products to sell which helps pay monthly bills. However, the electricity in her area is very bad, going off at 6 am and returning at 10 pm, leaving her to work late at night to keep her supplies up. This problem and the fact that her peanut butter making machine broke down, have reduced her income dramatically over the last few weeks.

She said she has not been feeling well and after a visit to the doctor, which incurred a further bill, the doctor found her to have an irregular heartbeat and a bladder infection. He prescribed medication for her to take. Fortunately, her son continues to pay her medical aid so there will only be a shortfall for the doctor’s fee. We have given her $150. $100 was to repair her peanut butter machine and $50 for the doctor. Connie was overwhelmed with gratitude.

Hilda T

We drove across town to meet with Hilda T. and deliver her monthly aid. Hilda as usual was full of smiles and very grateful for the money. Although her legs ache from the hardening of arteries her health remains stable. She was visiting her doctor the day we called, hoping to get further medication and painkillers to control the pain.

Bernard A

We also called in to visit Bernard A. Bernard’s wife, Maria, passed away three years ago in March and Bernard was devastated and has been struggling on his own ever since. His sister has stopped him from driving as he is a reckless driver, but she takes him shopping once a week for ready-made meals as he does not cook very well. Although Bernard has no help, his home is clean and tidy.

Eric and Janine

We visited Eric and Janine at their home. Janine suffers from lupus but was having a good day and feeling well. There are some days that Janine does not have the strength to get out of bed. This couple does all their own housekeeping, which is something to be proud of as their house is spotless and tidy. When able, Janine makes mango pickle and various Indian condiments which she sells to bring in money to support themselves.

* Names and images may have been changed for privacy reasons

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