Toms Walk - The Day Before

Dear Friend of ZANE

The founder and CEO of ZANE is about to undertake another walk for Zimbabwe – please read his letter below and, if you would like to support Tom and Jane Benyon on their walk your donations will be sent through to Zimbabwe where they will be used to support the many vulnerable people who rely on ZANE for survival.

If you are already a donor we thank you and invite you to follow Tom and Jane’s walk and daily blog for the fun of it!

Many thanks,

Nicky Passaportis (CEO ZANE Australia)

The Show Goes On

 In a few days, Jane and I and our dog, Moses, are setting off on another walk for ZANE.

At the end of this walk, Jane, and I (and various dogs) will have walked over 2,830 miles round and across the UK to help the poor of Zimbabwe. Little did we know when we set off on our first walk that 11 years later the need in Zimbabwe would be greater than ever.
The third wave of Covid is having a devastating impact in Zimbabwe. With little testing, vaccine shortages, and a woefully inadequate healthcare system, the true picture is bleaker than the one presented to the world. Those most in need continue to rely on ZANE – for food, medicine, shelter, friendship, and hope.
This is why we walk for people like Jenny – please see her story in the enclosed leaflet. An accomplished teacher with a long and rewarding career, Jenny had her pension and savings decimated by crippling inflation, forcing her to sell her remaining possessions to survive. Jenny’s is an all too familiar tale. ZANE hears of vulnerable and desperate people like her each week. We must do all we can to help them.

We walk because your generous sponsorship makes the difference between life and death to the many people who depend on ZANE for survival.

We walk because over 3,590 vulnerable people depend on ZANE. Without your generosity desperate people would be living a life of poverty; they have no one else to turn to and they would be forgotten.

So, please consider sponsoring Jane and me and Moses if you can. Your support enables ZANE to continue its lifesaving and life-changing work. 

With your help, ZANE can provide food, shelter, and comfort to those who need it most. 

If you have already sponsored us, thank you – your donation is already assisting someone in dire need.

Yours sincerely

Tom Benyon OBE

* Names and images may have been changed for privacy reasons

If you are already a ZANE donor, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. If you are not a donor but would like to be, please follow the link below and know that every donation, however big or small, goes directly to where it is most needed. If you would like to help but can’t donate, please join the ZANE family and ‘like’ or ‘share’ our posts or write us a Google review – every positive step helps spread the word about the life changing work ZANE does.

Thank you – Nicky Passaportis ZANE Australia

Please donate to support pensioners struggling to survive in Zimbabwe

Any assistance is greatly appreciated and goes a long way to giving our pensioners a better quality of life and lift the pressure of money worries which is very debilitating emotionally.

(Donations made to ZANE in Australia, are tax-deductible)