Tour Day 17 and 18 munda biddi trail cylce ride

Day 18

Today’s ride was from Denmark, back to Walpole, which was 76km and 5hrs 18min in the saddle. Peter Brodie thought, as they had more riding on roads and less off road, he should put on a different set of tyres, which he did. (or was that Vic?) “I was excited – this would really help my rolling speed (technical bike term)! Suffice to say, it did not!”

Charlie Lenegan confessed that he was worried, in case it did and was hatching plots to bind Pete’s brakes or some other dastardly plan. I think the tyres obligingly listened to him!

Pete’s average speed was 14.3kph!!!!

“Within the first 10min I was complaining (winging, whining and generally, plain feeling sorry for myself!) to Charlie that my brakes were binding.” They stopped to check. They weren’t, so Pete decided to blame those bloody tyres. They are heavier and anyone who rides can attest to the fact that any extra gram added to the weight, can impact you. Or at least, your mind!

They have changed them back again, except, running through the back of Pete’s mind was the thought, “Did I just have a bad day with my legs? Are they are feeling the effects of + 1000Km’s and they’re going to conk out on me?” The test of the tyres AND my legs/mind will be today. We have 1200m of climbing!”

The guys were camping at Coalmine Beach, which is stunning. “The Owls were calling throughout the night. I’m not sure what type of owl but I’d love to know.”

Quatermaster Vic, forwarded his reputation by produced a stunning meal of corn on the cob, lamb chops, fried onion, potato, pumpkin, capsicum and focaccia. Delicious!

Coalmine Beach is so named because of a shallow seam of coal found at the base of the cliffs. It was never mined due to its low grade. What a quaint name for a beach!

The guys report that we have a first time DoD!

Rawdon told us he was going to join them on Monday. He didn’t pitch up, which is an instant nomination for the coveted award. HOWEVER, to seal the deal, he roared (or should that be Rawed ?!) into the peaceful, sleeping campsight, at 5:30am, shattering the peace, scaring away the owls and any other self respecting critter, in his VERY loud, old double-cab diesel ute, towing a trailer, complete with a MOTOR BIKE. I asked Vic if there was any pushbike to be seen. His reply? “ Agh nee man!”

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Day 19

The route yesterday, was from Walpole to Shannon, 74km at an average speed of 15kph 4 hrs 56min, with 1179m of climbing.

The time had come to verify if my legs had given up or it was the new tyres I had put on. Thank goodness it seems the tyres were the problem (well most of it ) and I completed the day tired, but relieved. I suggested a tyre burning ceremony but Charlie felt it was taking things too far.

We were joined today by Mike Paul and his daughter Emily, who will join us until Sunday to add support, with Rawdon. The most exciting result of their joining us, besides, obviously, their scintillating company and seconding skills, is that this frees Quatermaster Vic to ride with Charlie and myself! To say that Vic is excited, is a massive understatement!

The bird life around here has been extraordinary and the owl was back last night, as well and a new call which I presume was a different owl. I’m very fond of owls, we rescued one and hand reared it in Zimbabwe. She was a spotted eagle owl, who thought she was one of the dogs!

When we came home at night, she would flap and jump around with the dogs to greet us. Toots also slept on my lap while growing up. It was an extreme privileged to have witnessed the growth rate of these amazing birds, as well as their incredible personalities!

Yesterday, we rode from Shannon to Karri Valley and suffered through another 1100m of climbing through this incredible country.

At the camp, we met Terry and his wife. Terry has walked the Bibbleman track twice, taking around 56 days the first time on his own wow that would take something. The Bibbulman is the walking equivalent of the Munda Biddi trail and is 1003km long!

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