Tour Day 23 and 24 Munda Biddi Trail Cycle Ride

I told Peter Brodie that he’d be fired if he didn’t get the basis for the blog to me on time. We have 2 days together, so he’s cutting it close.

After the rest day, we rode from Leeuwin Light house to Prevelly, a distance of 74km.

The day was nowhere as balmy as the previous 22! We started with 40kmh wind, temperature of 14 degrees and rain squalls! . Mike decided his rain gear, a dryzabone jacket, was too heavy to wear, so he decided to wear the yellow plastic poncho that I bought for $2 and sold to him for a $100, would do. The 40kmh winds soon reduced this to yellow streamers.

Not withstanding, Mike was a great wind break, for Charlie Lenegan and I!

We found the Wadandi trail, about 15km from Prevelly and that made a fine finish to the ride. The Prevelly Campsite, the week before had been completely full, as was all the accomodation in this area, as The World Surfing League had been in town. The surf here is amazing & surfers travel from all over the world, to Margaret River, to take on the waves.

We went down for breakfast at Cate & my favourite cafe, down here, overlooking the ocean & were kept entertained by the kite surfers who were hitting the waves and leaping into the air, four stories high!

On Day 24, we were joined by my good Aussie mate, Ken Ward, along with John Thomson, who drove from Bunbury to join us as well. The White Elephant is, in my opinion, one of the most spectacular places to see the power of this Ocean, as well as have fabulous breakfasts, so went again!

Having told The team what to expect we got off to a rocky start when two of the breakfasts, being brought out by our waitress, fell, hit the floor and exploded over 4sqm. Charlie was missed by several inches. The waitress handled the incident with incredible grace and humour. Having worked in Supermarkets for years I have seen some spectacular breakages and this one was right up there.

The day was spent on trails around Margret River and up to Cowaramup, where we stopped to take a picture with one of the decorated cow statues. The wind was still up and we went through quite a bit of rain. The mud on the trails was spectacular as well.

I can’t quite believe we have ticked off 24 days of our epic adventure.

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