Tour Day 26 and 27 munda biddi trail cycle ride

Day 26

Yesterday, we rode 70 km, through Yallingup, Vasse, and Busselton, on some incredible back roads which John Thomson showed us, that kept us off highways and away from traffic. To be repetitive, the scenery, again, was spectacular! Some of the properties and houses were absolutely stunning.

Vic clinched DoD, before we even started the ride! I asked him to please, unlock the Ute. Hands in pockets a quizzical look and then he ducks into his tent. Sounds of zips and scratching, then various bags, items, boxes came boiling out of the tent, with a lot of huffing and puffing.

Eventually, some ten minutes later, and much kerfuffle, he comes out, stands up , puts his hands in his pockets and produces the key with a small embarrassed grin. A worthy winner of the coveted trophy.

(Don’t tell Vic but I may have dealt with similar situations, once or twice.) The weather was kind and we had no rain. The wind was fresh and there only a few hills which we knocked off early in the ride. We averaged 19.1kmh and ride time was 3hrs 40min.

Vic checked my bike and told me that my head set was loose and my handle bars were not straight. I told him they were straight and he must have a cockeye. I told him if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

I think Vic might have been miffed with DoD or being told he was cockeyed, and decided to fix it. “ It needs a new spacer!” He declares, so he “borrows “ one from Paul’s bike. Everything’s now good, he exclaims!. I turn around 5min later the head sets off, bearings rolling around.

I decide discretion is the better part of valour. It’s time to walk away and get interested in something else. Vic has assured me it’s all good now and, better than new.

The incredible Zimbabwean’s in Bunbury Richard Nash, Richard Yates, John Thomson and families have organised a get-together curry night, to raise additional funds on Friday at the Gelorup hall in Bunbury.

I believe they have 55 people so far coming to it. I have been blown away and humbled by the hospitality and the willingness to make a difference.

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Day 27

Our Local, John Thomson took us on one of his normal rides, which took us down round Australind, and showed off what Bunbury has to offer. Charlie stated that he was very glad he had not come to Bunbury?? When asked why, he said “because I would never have left”.

The Collie River is spectacular and our route took us alongside of this. We went round the golf course & through the hills. The houses and gardens through there were spectacular.

We covered 73.8 km in 3hrs 45min at 19.6km/h.

Vic joined us on the ride today and managed to secure DoD again – with a crash!!! Yes, this is the ONE person who can least afford to fall off, still nursing ribs and a pinned collarbone. However, his cowboy style of riding had him hit a kerb, which resulted in the crash.

Charlie, John, and I only realised a while later, that he had blood on his leg and arm and we discovered he had fallen off. We asked “ why did you not tell us sooner?” his reply “ I had to catch you up and then I forgot” again the sheepish look.

The repairs Vic made on my bike were all good! He asked me if I noticed a difference after the repairs. My answer of “no” was in retaliation for the stress of seeing my bike in pieces. It did seem to have less noise coming from the headset, but don’t tell Vic.

Charlie continues to prove that age is just a number and never seems to be under any pressure on our rides, good news for me, going forward, is that I should be able to keep doing this for some time yet.

We really look forward to our get-together, in Bunbury tonight and to share about the ride and why we are doing it.

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