Tour Day 7 Munda Biddi Trail

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, with only a 28km ride into Nanup and then today, a 85km ride to Manjimup.

The suggestion was to take on another 15km, yesterday, which was fairly steep uphill to make day 8 a bit easier, which is what we did. We followed the old rail line in from Jarrahwood. It was fantastic – straight with very little gradient.

That Hat

The scenery was simply out of this world. We have met several people on the trail, who are doing it unassisted and I have huge admiration for them carrying all that extra weight up those hills. Tougher than me, for sure! They have no Vic in a big Ute, called Vin Diesel, and getting to stay with amazing friends and sleep in beds for three nights!

Yesterday, Vic decided he would love to ride, so Richard lent him his bike, for the first 10km. Pete says he has seldom seen so much joy on someone’s face as Vic’s! I know how much he was looking forward to doing this whole ride, along with Pete, so his first ride, after falling off his roof and breaking his collarbone and 6 ribs, some with multiple fractures was special. Welcome back Vic!!

I don’ know who won Dick of the Day, however, I was told this story, by Pete. Maybe it was to demonstrate the Richard as really DoD, on that day!


“At last night’s dinner, we were hosted by Richard and his wife Cally. We were entertained by Cally telling us an incredible tale of a burglar, in the house, getting a fright when seeing her.

He bellowed out so loud, that he woke Richard AND the neighbours. Richard jumped out of bed, still wrapped in sheets & tackled the man. A wrestling match ensued through the house.

The neighbours arrived and the first thing the wife said was “Richard, put some clothes on!” It was only then Cally realised Richard was naked ??

10 years later and Richard always wears pyjamas.

These amazing, crazy men and the support crews took on this adventure for 3 reasons:

  1. Do Epic
  2. Do Good
  3. Have Fun

I think the Fun and Epic goals are being met, as well as the doing Good. So many people have contributed already, to the Go Fund Me page, so thank you!

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Donations made to ZANE in Australia, are tax-deductible.