ZANE Carers Pensioners Report

Another ZANE carers pensioners report from two of the ZANE carers as they carry out their daily visits to pensioners:

I delivered to several people at one of the care homes:


Patrick is looking more and more fragmented which is highlighted by the state of his flat. It is cluttered and in complete disarray as is Patrick, who looked very unkempt.


Yvonne was the same as usual, sad, resigned to her fate of struggling to survive but grateful for our help; the same applies to Sylvie whose pain in her hip is worse each time I see her. Marj was grateful for our help and is feeling excited because her sons have paid for her to visit them soon in Europe.


Of all the people I see Marj is one of the most proactive, sorting out her life as healthily as possible, helping others around her, visiting and helping people in other Homes. Her holiday with her sons will be an excellent tonic for her and I know they have struggled to get this money together for her ticket, not being able to afford to visit her themselves.

Charles and Gail

Gail and Charles were equally grateful for our help, however, Charles looked vacant and distracted when I delivered to them. His bi-polar condition seems to be causing his disruptive behaviour to escalate, so sad because he is not harming anyone except himself. He tends to get up at 2 or 3 in the morning and wander around the complex, occasionally making a noise.

Gail is looking ragged trying to cope with this; he is getting medical help plus appropriate medications, but bi-polar disorder is one of the most difficult of mental disorders to control. Yet again, another situation which may be beyond all of us to handle but cannot be ignored.


Maggie, who I normally visit at home, came to the office this time so that we could assist her with her on-line banking. Maggie has had sleepless nights worrying how she can withdraw her measly USD30 monthly pension that she receives. She left the office feeling much happier with the situation, and, once her new bank card arrives, I will take her down to the ATM to withdraw her USD30. This is just one example of the many tasks we are asked to assist our pensioners with.

*Names have been changed to protect their privacy

* Names and images may have been changed for privacy reasons

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