ZANE Snapshot

The latest ZANE snapshot reports from Zimbabwe give an insight into the struggles of some of the elderly folk ZANE supports, along with some of the successes – the need remains, and it is our faithful donors who enable this vital work to continue – we thank you.

Last week I met with and delivered to 9 people whom we assist in several ways:


Betty is doing very well and looking healthier than when I first met her – the food parcels have literally transformed her life.


John lives in a small dwelling on the same property as Betty. He appeared thin and unwell and said he is debilitated by a very painful neck. He would probably benefit from surgery but is unable to afford this so I suggested he sees a doctor who will advise him on the best action to take now.

Joan W

Joan W, who collected for Peter P was very sad and forlorn, saying that she dreads going home each day from work and having to face Peter who is always in a very bad mood. She works for low pay locally and I think this is the only social outlet she has in her life.


Peter’s stroke has left him severely debilitated and he takes out his frustration on Joan. I offered to talk at length with him but Joan is certain it won’t help. I’ll still consider this.


Shirley’s parcel is collected by her friend/helper, Jack W. who is always positive and happy. He said Shirley (a paraplegic caused by polio in childhood) is fine and making a new life since her husband, Tony, died.

Susan S

I was delighted to see Susan S. and how well she is as her high BP is under control and she is eating nutritious food. She was buoyant and chatty and was happy to see the other people who had come to collect parcels

Donnie E

Donnie E. was tired and miserable, hardly communicating with anyone. The usual lament is that he hates the idea of having to leave his current premises and is not being proactive about planning his future life. We have tried so hard to help him in this regard and have now all decided we can do no more as he has to take some initiative himself.

Malcolm M

I saw Malcolm M. at the same time regarding assistance we gave him for skin cancer treatment. He is now asking if we can include him in the grocery parcel delivery (having told me a long time ago that he didn’t want this). I will talk with the team about this. Malcolm has not had any work for a long time and is apparently struggling to cover costs for himself and his son, despite the monthly financial assistance we give him.

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