Moral Support

The monthly reports from Zimbabwe have come through and we would like to share them with the friends of ZANE to let you know how difficult life continues to be for the many desperate elderly folk who ZANE looks after – without regular visits from the dedicated ZANE carers, many of these people would literally have no way of surviving. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your ongoing support and encourage you to continue.

Joe and Louise

I spent time with Joe and Louise L. Joe is a quietly spoken, somewhat melancholic man and I’ve noticed Louise does most of the talking when they’re together; but they appear to be content with each other and making the most of their modest circumstances.

Ken And Betty

Ken and Betty B. are giving us cause for concern. Betty often walks outside, leaving Ken lying in the lounge. Betty’s health problems are increasing, from Parkinson’s, to severe arthritis, to heart issues, breathing problems etc.

Ken spent more time with us on this visit and was sarcastic and dismissive of these problems, giving us a glimpse into how they speak with each other when no one else was around. He is very unpleasant to her and I can see this steadily eroding her confidence. Again, she has begged me not to interfere.

Eva and Duncan

Eva and Duncan M. seemed fine, although Duncan has had eyesight problems and measures have now been taken for him to be tested for new glasses, which will hopefully be ready to collect soon. I will be visiting them next week to discuss several issues, including trauma which Duncan experienced during his service times.

I will assess whether he wants to work through this with me – this is often a very difficult topic for these old war veterans to talk about and relive.

* Names and images may have been changed for privacy reasons

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