DAy 11 and 12 Munda Biddi Trail Cycle Ride

Day 11

I’m glad I’m writing this down as right now, one day blends into the next and with my razor sharp memory (haha!) this will be a great record.

Today was supposed to be a 70km day and due to some lack lustre work from Paul Cutler, we ended up doing an extra 8kms, which did not go down too well and after a short discussion it was unanimously agreed, that he was awarded DoD, for the first time!

Congratulations are due, however, I felt bad for Paul as the Man flu had taken its toll, hence, his riding was a little lacklustre! ( which let me off the hook, as I have been consistently the slowest.) However, I feel it is only fair to generously share the prestige of the Dick of the Day!

We spent the night at Fernhook falls and we pretty much had the campsite to ourselves. The centipede and a spider that Vic rescued (!!) gave me a very valid excuse for erecting my tent, which seals up.

John Thomson -my apologies I’ve been spelling his name wrong, the entire time, even though he is my new best friend – gave me a great leg massage early in the morning, which was so welcome. They are really feeling the affect of almost 1000kms.

We had a great fire that night, truly solved the problems of the world after the 4th and last drink (Thanks to the persuasive efforts of Quarter master Vic).

One thing we did speak about was the prevalence of suicide and that it’s so hard to really know what people are dealing with.

Our thoughts, naturally turned to the pensioners in Zimbabwe, many of whom, must be feeling the hopelessness of their situation. We know that there have been instances where they have taken their own lives.

This is why we are doing this ride. For them.

Day 12

The day started with light rain, so, on the back of Mike winning DoD for NOT having his jacket, I donned my rain jacket. However, after 30min of climbing we were like boiled yams!!

We stopped to remove the jackets and did not need them for the rest of the day, which was a ride time of 4hrs 5min In that time we covered 54km.

It seemed to me to be one of the hardest days so far, however, when I checked the height of the largest hill we climbed, it was 223m! Only! Out of curiosity I checked the heights on our first three days and they were between 370m and 395m. I am now present to the effect of 12 days of riding.

What really worries me is that I’m not half way yet and in my mind, I can see me eventually walking up even a 20m elevation. John and Paul confirmed they were feeling a similar impact on their legs.

To counter act this I have decided to cut back on the after ride alcoholic refreshments, so liberally dispersed by QM Vic, and see if this makes a difference. John is of the opinion I should double up.

If there is no improvement in performance today, I may have to take his advise. I am further tempted to double up on his, as John is the strongest rider and at the ripe young age of 66 climbs the best out of all of us. A few more slugs might slow the bugger down, so I can hold on!

We have two big days of riding to complete the Munda Biddi in Albany and the first rest day will be this Sunday. We can’t wait!!!!!

Hence my excited emojis!

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Donations made to ZANE in Australia, are tax-deductible.