Day 13 Munda Biddi Trail Cycle Ride

Today we rode from Walpole to Mt Romance (such a lovely name for a tortuous journey!) Total distance covered was 74km, total Elevation was 1100m and total time in the saddle was 5hrs 45min.

My bottom is now starting to protest loudly about the amount of time in the saddle and is definitely not looking forward to the next 15 days. I am expecting a rebellion.

John Thomson is continuing to shine, leading the way over most of the hills and I must give him Kudos for that, particularly given the fact that he is 66 but I’m finding the urge to shoot him becoming more difficult to resist.

Fortunately, for his life expectancy, and my freedom from jail time, I don’t have a gun! I may have to resort to more underhand and less obvious means to slow him down sufficiently.

I would like to take the opportunity of mentioning Vic Authers who was originally going to ride the full distance with me. Unfortunately falling off his roof and breaking 6 ribs, plus his collar bone put paid to that.

He has been our quarter master arranging campsites, bike repairs, accommodation, food refreshments and lighting fires (which he loves) I know he is still dealing with pain and there is never a complaint. We all know that without him, this endeavour would not have been possible. Thank you Vic.

We have a long ride ahead of us today – 85km to Denmark and then Albany the next day.

The highlight of today was coming straight down a hill and taking the corner, only to encountered this massive fallen tree, in the picture and subsequent picture of Paul on his back (no one was hurt while taking pictures of this scene, including the tree)

It must have fallen very recently, the only way past was over! I’m extremely glad that there were 3 of us to manoeuvre the bikes over. I would not like to try that on my own.

You can see the size of the monster from how small the guys look on top of it!

From Paul David Cutler:

With only two days left of the Munda Biddi Trail, I would like to acknowledge my Milton class mate for doing such a great job of looking after us. Riding day after day is tough but made so much easier with such good support and gets my vote for hero of the tour. Thanks Vic!

We would like to thank and acknowledge our hosts, Louise & Warren (the owners of Mt Romance Farm) for generously providing accommodation to complete strangers in support of ZANE. If you ever visit SW WA, I would highly recommend you book this accommodation.

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Donations made to ZANE in Australia, are tax-deductible.