Tour Day 5 Munda Biddi Trail Cycle Ride

“Today we rode 60km…..only 60km, I hear you say?? It may have been only 60km and the shortness was not an indication of the effort required!”

If there were snow capped mountains before (tiny exaggeration) then they have just traversed the Western Australian Himalayas (Maybe tiny bit larger exaggeration?) and the wet certainly made descending treacherous, although, “I choose a benign uphill to crash.

To be fair, I was distracted by some senseless chatter from my riding companion! Fortunately, the landing was soft, because of the wet.” The soaking the guys got was not actually due to rain ON them, more due to pushing through the lush bush, which is drenched from the amount of precipitation that’s been dumped on it.

“We have lived in Australia for 18 years and I had never seen a Western Brush Wallaby. We all had the absolute pleasure of seeing these beautiful animals, on three different occasions! So special! I also saw Caraways which I think are related to magpies and every bit as mischievous, at Honeymoon pools they were straight into our lunch the minute we turned our backs”

No Honeymoon period, obviously!

“The scenery we went through today was spectacular and the Ferguson Valley with its rolling green hills was some of the most picturesque farmland I have ever seen.”

Dried snake!! This is what was offered to Pete B, by Pete Hatton as he laboured up yet another hill “This will make all the difference”, he said & to show how desperate I was, I decided to try it. It looked like Snakes but was only about a third of the length of a normal snake”

I am really hoping they are talking about those chewy long Jelly baby type of kid’s lollie/sweets?! “The secret Pete Hatton said was, to cut the top of the packet and let it dry out for a month. This then had a 3 sec treat turn into a 10 min hard chew, it did seem to help.

This is his Grandmother’s secret recipe, to help crazy Old Fellas who need an extra kick to get up little hills, so please don’t tell anyone. His granny is a fierce lady!

In an interview with Mike Paul, our reporter was a little disturbed with the topic “On the second day of riding the topic of “butt creme” came up. One rider who’d never used it before was uncertain of where, exactly it was to be applied. Those in the know went into certain details of how it should be applied to the ‘creases’.

Well, on day five there was no more need for explanation: it is immediately obvious where it is needed most!”
Lynn Thompson, Boss of John, served up a fantastic meal in the evening with boerwors, steak ,chicken and salads.

Pete B had the luxury of spending the night in a double bed, well-fed and watered. Thank you to the Thompson’s!

The boys will head back there after day 6 to stay again!! Lucky them! John remains Pete’s best friend, being the purveyor of very good massages. Maybe I should be worried, as someone commented, what happens in cosy 2 man tents, stays on tour!

From Pete Hatton: “ Special shout out too for the unsung support crew….Vic (and Rorden these past two days)…..and to Mike Paul for looking after Pete like royalty !!……and to Richard Yates for organizing the accommodation upgrade in Collie.” Lucky Vin is tough.

To the prestigious Dick of the Day award, or DOD. I am told by Pete that it has been taken out by John Thompson. First-time award winner, with his statement “Don’t worry, Peter, that was the last hill of the day” to their horror, they had two Everest’s left to climb (More exaggerating?). On recounting this to Lynn “Oh that’s John, always the salesman!”

I am awaiting a report from our troops over East, Mark & Alan with their incredible support crew of 1, Julia. Hopefully, that will arrive with dispatches tomorrow!

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