Tour Day 2 Munda Biddi Cycle Ride

Day 2

Morning of Day 3, I’m in my tent in Dwellingup and it’s 7 degrees! My good intentions to do this blog last night were completely thwarted by Bangers and Mash (and maybe) a couple of drinks at the Dwellingup Pub to celebrate the completion of day 2.

We covered 76km in 5hrs 39 min, climbed 1074 meters, which if I’m honest felt like it was at least 25% more than yesterday! The hills never seemed to end. And that was not the case – we climbed 10% less!!!! Bloody Garmin spoiling the story.

The day started with Paul dropping us back off were we left off the previous day. We were then to have 27km ride to the town of Jarradale. Paul would park our Ute there to await the arrival of Vic who will be doing the assisting for the rest of the ride.

Munda Biddi Sights

Paul was then to ride back towards us, as he was our expert!! He then proceeded to seal “Dick of the Day” by taking off in the wrong direction and trying to get a 27km head start. He has lifted my respect by owning up to this . Sorry Paul, it’s not something we could step over! Congratulations on a well deserved award.

Jane, Paul’s wife brought Vic out and joined us for the meal last night. Thanks for the delicious caramel Anzac cookies you made! They were outstanding and hit the spot.

I have not done much camping in the last 30 years, so this is something I’m coming to terms with. When you buy a 4 man pop up tent , it does pop up, as advertised, however, only fits two people – rather snugly. Hmm! I’m also going to have to try and locate charging connections and power packs which I packed safely. So safely that I could not find any proof that I did pack them.

Munda Biddi Accommodation

After all of that and the frigid temperatures, which poor Vic shivered through, his sleeping bag better suited to the Kalahari, than the South Western corner of Australia. (He is off to get something more suited today) We are all set for Day 3 ahead which is 88km to Lake Brockman. I say we are all set, however, our bottoms and legs are strenuously disagreeing with that statement!!

Thanks to all of you who have donated so far and for sharing our story, to highlight the plight of Zimbabwe’s pensioners.

I will not succumb to the lure of Bangers & Mash, before doing my update tonight. Hopefully, the beers won’t get me either. Cross fingers x